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American reality television dating game show

Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada have all been running their own versions since 2016.

In a rarity for an American adaptation of a British reality show (see FOX’s bombastic treatment of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares), NBC has not only retained the original’s low-key charm, but improved on it.

, the veteran reality show, now in its 21st season—and still a ratings powerhouse (the season premiere pulled in a strong 12 million viewers).

But ten years after the reality television boom began there have been precious few new ideas within the genre.

Just as legal dramas rely on courtroom scenes and game shows need great prizes, reality producers have learned the tricks to eliciting strong reality. FAMILIARITY RULES: Another reason so many reality shows look and feel the same? Top-tier production companies get the lion's share of the shows precisely because networks want their series to look and feel exactly the same.

Indeed, instead of offering a few pithy quips, contestants are now expected to claw each other’s eyes out, serve up a never-ending stream of tear-jerking back stories and essentially act like the world’s worst human beings, all in the name of extra screen time.

For a nation with such a prudish reputation, some of the shows that have made it onto British TV are pretty shocking.

What's even more surprising is that some of these programmes are so popular among us "reserved" Brits that they get commissioned for a second and third series.

From naked dating to celebrity orgies, it looks like there are no limits when it comes to what's now acceptable on the small screen.

Perhaps the nation isn't as reserved as we'd like to think?

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That’s why NBC’s First Dates appears to have wandered in from a bygone age. is actually playing catch-up when it comes to the First Dates concept.

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