Dating websites coventry

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Dating websites coventry

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The piece has been liked by more than 4,000 readers on Facebook and shared 1,000 times.

It highlights 'Cultural Awardist Simon Williams,' who the site claimed said: 'We like the provincial towns as it makes us look like we're into them when actually the award is a chance for us to ignore them for longer, hence why we gave the previous award to Hull, which is best avoided at all costs.'On Coventry, the news website - which prides itself on delivering 'topical news satire from the UK and around the world' - mimicked a spokesperson for Coventry City Council as saying: 'We are very keen to win this award, or to win anything, quite frankly.'Elsewhere in the article, Stoke is described as having 'nothing' and Paisley apparently 'shouldn't really count', but the fact they've thrown their hat into the ring is 'cute.'Despite its tongue-in-cheek nature, it has drawn the ire of the public, overlooking the good work Coventry has been doing.

One respondent to the article wrote: 'You have no idea of Coventry so why slag it down? Don't get me wrong, some little scrote shot me with an air rifle when I was working on a roof in Cov back in the mid eighties but I've been back recently and it's actually got quite a good vibe about it.

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Residents of Coventry have hit back after a satirical website described the city - shortlisted for the title of UK City of Culture 2021 - as a 's***hole'.

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